Monday, September 16, 2019 04:18

Iranian labour protests

Teachers hold silent demonstrations across Iran

Iranian teachers across the country gathered in silence in front of their local education ministry offices to protest their employment conditions. » read more

Miners continue strike over firings, right to protest

Miners at Bafgh Mine have entered their fourth day of a strike to protest the termination of 17 of their colleagues as well as management’s failure to live up to its promise to disregard workers’ absences over the past two months of protests. » read more

Angry nurses take their salary protest to Parliament

On the eve of the Day of Nurses, 1,000 Iranian nurses from across the country gathered in front of the Iranian Parliament to protest the government’s failure to implement regulated rates for nursing services. » read more

Workers hold out hope for jobs at closed sugar refinery

Workers from the Varamin Sugar Refinery, which was recently shut down, gathered in front of the plant in protest once again on Saturday. » read more

Truckers join Safa Pipe strike fought over unpaid wages

More that 1,000 workers at the Safa Pipe and Rolling Factory have gone into their fourth day of strike bringing the plant into a complete shutdown. » read more

Safa Pipe workers strike again over unpaid wages

A month after their last strike, workers at the Safa Pipe Factory have once again stopped work to protest management’s failure to pay the second installment of their back pay, which was due on January 30. » read more

Laid-off refinery workers protest plant closure

More than 200 workers gathered in front of the Varamin Sugar Refinery on Wednesday January 28 to protest the closure of the plant. » read more

Bafgh mine workers protest in Tehran for back wages

Mine workers at Koshk Mine in Bafgh travelled to Tehran to stage a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade to protest management’s neglect of their demands. » read more

Workers slam temporary contracts at Parliament protest

Hundreds of workers from regional power companies and Iran Tire gathered in front of the Iranian parliament to protest the use of temporary contracts. » read more

Tehran bus drivers protest for housing allowances

Bus drivers for Tehran’s Sherkat-e Vahed gathered in protest in front of City Hall to demand that promises about their housing allowances be honoured. » read more