Thursday, June 20, 2019 05:06

Iranian labour conditions

Minimum wage increase falls far short of workers’ hopes

After workers’ representatives failed to follow through on their threat to leave the negotiating table, the Supreme Council of Labour approved a mere 17-percent increase to the minimum wage, even though the lowest acceptable rate for workers was said to have been 25 percent. » read more

Minimum wage increase under consideration called inadequate

The increase to the minimum wage for the new Iranian calendar year will be finally determined on Sunday March 15, but independent labour organizations say the maximum being considered is 20-22 percent, which is less than half of what is needed for workers to simply cover their living expenses. » read more

Labour groups urge strong final stand in minimum wage talks

 Sixty Iranian labour organizations have urged the Supreme Council of Labour to set the minimum wage for the new Iranian calendar year, which will begin on the first day of spring, according to the true rate of inflation. They are calling for a 50-percent increase in the minimum wage. » read more

Stalled talks lead to extension for deciding minimum wage

Negotiations over Iran’s minimum wage have remained at a standstill as worker representatives, the ministers of labour and economy and the heads of the Central Bank and the Social Security Fund failed to reach a settlement, forcing the Supreme Labour Council to extend the deadline for a decision by one week. » read more

Workers want minimum wage hike higher than inflation

With less than a month left before the new Iranian calendar year begins on March 21, workers continue to negotiate for an increase in the minimum wage. Workers have stressed that a 15-percent increase is not adequate. » read more

Construction accident highlights Isfahan’s worker fatalities

Eight construction workers were killed and one was injured in an accident at the building sit of a residential complex in Isfahan. » read more

Supply problem shuts down sugar refinery

One of the country’s oldest sugar refineries has been brought to a halt due to problems with the supply of raw materials, leaving 400 workers without a job. » read more

Changes to health insurance spur protest

Scores of workers and retirees gathered in front of Parliament to protest the amalgamation of the Social Security Fund and their Health Insurance. » read more

Iran’s nurse shortage worsened by emigration

While Iran faces a shortage of 80,000 nurses, statistical reports indicate that 1,000 nurses emigrate from Iran each year. Iran's College of Nurses has criticized the failure to value the role of nurses and the lack of appropriate government policies to address the country's nurse shortage. » read more

Explosives factory fire kills two workers

Fire in an explosive material factory belonging to the Ministry of Defence led to the death of two workers on Sunday night, October 5, in the eastern part of Tehran. » read more