Wednesday, August 21, 2019 05:27

Iranian intelligence ministry

Heavily armed “terrorist” team arrested in Sistan-Baluchistan

Iran’s intelligence minister has announced the arrest of a team attempting to engage in terrorist activities in southeastern Iran, adding that over 350 kilograms of explosives as well as arms were found in their possession along with homemade bombs and explosive vests. » read more

Iran applauds removal of “terrorists” from Iraqi camp

Iran’s intelligence and foreign ministries have lauded the evacuation of Camp Ashraf, the former home of thousands of People’s Mojahedin of Iran Organization members in Iraq. » read more

Iran says journalist crackdown foils enemies’ plans

Iran’s Intelligence Minister says recently detained journalists are “puppets of world arrogance” and their arrests have created “havoc” in the network of the country’s enemies. » read more

Iran claims BBC hosts “anti-revolutionary” network

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry released a statement on Tuesday February 19 referring to the “discovery of a media network” that, according to the ministry, is based inside BBC News and is linked to several Iranian reformist websites, such as Jaras and Kaleme. » read more

Iran repeats accusations against detained journalists

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence has issued a second statement regarding the arrest of a number of journalists in the past week, once again accusing them of having links to foreign media. » read more

Prosecutor reports arrest of “anti-Revolutionary” elements

Tehran’s Prosecutor General said on Tuesday that 28 individuals have been arrested for collaboration with “anti-Revolutionary networks.” » read more

Intelligence Minister says Iran facing full-fledged war

Iran’s Intelligence Minister says a full-blown and multifaceted war is being waged against the Islamic Republic, and the “enemy” is now taking a new approach. » read more

Iran confirms arrest of filmmakers

A number of people have been arrested for working with the Persian BBC, Iran’s intelligence ministry confirmed today. » read more

Senior public servants amongst spying suspects: Fars

Several Iranian civil servants are among the recent detainees linked to a CIA spying network, Fars news agency reports. » read more

Iran announces arrest of 30 individuals on spying charges

Iran arrests 30 individuals accused of being CIA agents and announces the “collapse of a spying network” in the country. » read more