Sunday, September 22, 2019 07:47

Iranian Central Bank

Iranian Parliament approves probe of Central Bank

Iranian Parliament has passed a motion to investigate the actions of the Central Bank in connection with its management of the foreign currency market and the devaluation of the national currency. » read more

Sanctions no less than military war: Central Bank chief

The head of Iran’s Central Bank, Mahmoud Bahmani, says: “Sanctions mean nothing short of military war, and we need to begin a series of irregular economic war policies.” » read more

Central Bank site inaccessible

Iranian media report that the website of Iran’s Central Bank has been the target of a cyber-attack that’s thrown all of its systems offline. » read more

Accused in fraud case attends government meetings

Iranian news websites report that the former deputy head of the Central Bank, who is accused of playing a part in Iran’s $3-billion bank fraud and is currently out on bail, is attending important meetings of the Ahmadinejad administration. » read more

Foreign exchange rules tightened

Iran’s Central Bank has announced that all money-exchange services in the country must trade foreign currency only within three to five percentage points of the Central Bank rate. » read more

Central Bank tries to control currency market

Iran’s Central Bank has announced that anyone in possession of foreign currency without a bank receipt will be put under arrest beginning Sunday January 15. » read more

Iran's Central Bank tries to stop rising exchange rates

The Iranian Central Bank is allowing private and public banks to sell foreign currency in an attempt to control the falling rial. » read more

Resignation imminent for Iranian banking official

The Deputy Head of Iran’s Central Bank, Hamid Pour-Mohammadi, has been told to resign in connection with the $3-billion bank fraud, Iranian media report. » read more

Head of Central Bank denies stolen billions transferred out of Iran

Mahmoud Bahmani, the head of Iran’s Central Bank, has denied rumours that $2-billion has already been transferred out of the country as part of a $3-billion embezzlement. » read more

Inflation rates on the rise in Iran

Iran’s Central Bank has announced that the national inflation rate as 16.3 percent, ending a two-month delay in revealing where inflation stands. » read more