Wednesday, June 19, 2019 05:53

Iranian cartoonists

Shargh daily shut down

The Iranian daily Shargh was shut down by the Islamic Republic authorities after a cartoon published by the independent newspaper was branded as insulting to the memory of Iran’s war veterans. » read more

Former MP withdraws suit against cartoonist

The suit against Iranian cartoonist Mohammad Shokraye has reportedly been dropped by the former MP who originally filed a complaint. » read more

Culture Ministry slams flogging sentence for cartoonist

The head of domestic media in Iran’s Ministry of Culture has challenged the flogging sentence for cartoonist Mohammad Shokraye, describing it as “disproportionate and unprecedented.” » read more

Cartoonist’s sentence sparks crisis

The head of Iran’s House of Cartoon expressed regret that the sentence of 25 lashings handed to Mahmoud Shokraye, a cartoonist in the city of Arak, has turned into a political crisis. » read more

Rights group condemns sentence for cartoonist

Amnesty International has condemned the sentencing of Iranian cartoonist Mohammad Shokraye to 25 lashes for drawing a former MP, calling it the Iranian government’s latest attack on free speech. » read more