Wednesday, June 19, 2019 11:30

Iranian-Arab community

Rights group champions condemned Iranian-Arabs

Amnesty International has expressed its concern that two Iranian-Arab prisoners in Ahwaz may be on the brink of being executed. » read more

No public memorial services allowed for executed prisoners

Officials have refused to return the remains of executed Arab-Iranian prisoners Hashem Shaabaninejad and Hadi Rashedi to their families and forbidden them from holding any commemoration services. » read more

Timing unclear in execution of political prisoners

Two Iranian-Arab political prisoners, Hashem Shaabaninejad and Hadi Rashedi, who were transferred to an unknown location in early December, are now reported to have been executed. » read more

Concern grows for missing jailed activist

An opposition website reports concerns over the whereabouts of jailed student activist Zia Nabavi, who after being summoned to court last Tuesday was not returned to his cell. » read more

Groups rally support for condemned prisoners

Shirin Ebadi issued a joint statement today with 29 Iranian and international human rights organizations, calling for a halt to the execution of five Iranian-Arab political prisoners on death row in Ahwaz. » read more