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Iranian anti-government protests

Bahman 25 of Last Year

Ayaz Marhouni recalls the Iranian protest rally of February 14, 2011, which led to several deaths, widespread arrests and, finally, to the house arrest of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi, Zahra Rahnavard and Fatemeh Karroubi. In the leaders’ absence, some opposition groups have called for another rally on the anniversary of last year’s demonstrations.

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Activists demand release of opposition leaders

More than 400 Iranian political and civil activists are calling for the release of Iranian opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Zahra Rahnavard. » read more

Iranian public warned against joining rally

The Tehran Governor has announced that the authorities are prepared to confront any attempt to hold public demonstrations on February 14. » read more

Opposition group calls on Iranians to join rally

The Coordination Council for the Green Path of Hope has issued a rally call to the citizens of Tehran and other Iranian cities to take to the streets on February 14.

The Kaleme opposition website wrote that on the anniversary of last year's February 14th street protests, the Coordination Council for the Green Path of Hope is calling on all supporters of the Green Movement to take part in public but silent demonstrations. » read more

8 members of Arab People's Organization arrested in Iran

The Islamic Republic has arrested eight members of the Arab People's Organization in southwestern Iran following days of anti-government protests in Khuzestan. » read more

Iran parliament speaker condemns Obama's New Year message

Parliamenteary Speaker Ali Larijani says U.S. President Barack Obama’s New Year’s message to Iranians was “disappointing and ridiculous.” » read more

Conflicting reports on number of Iranian detainees

Iranian security officials have issued contradictory statements regarding people detained at Chaharshanbeh Souri, the fire festival celebrated last night in Iran. » read more

Mohseni Ejei says depth of protests in Iran unexpected

Iran’s former intelligence minister Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei says his ministry had been well aware that a “sedition” was coming but was caught off-guard by its depth. » read more

Authorities warn Iranians against mixing celebrations with protests

Iranian authorities are warning families to keep their children from mixing Chaharshanbeh Souri celebrations with political protests. » read more

Heavy security deployment in Tehran on day of protest

On International Women's Day, Tehran's streets are reportedly filled with security forces preventing people from gathering for anti-government protests. » read more