Tuesday, October 17, 2017 10:25

Iranian airlines

Boeing deal with Iran ends 35-year impasse

The U.S. aviation company Boeing has announced a new agreement to provide airplane parts for Islamic Republic airlines, the first such agreement in 35 years.

AFP reported on Wednesday July 23 that Boeing documents indicate the U.S. company will provide parts and service to Iran in connection with flight safety. » read more

Boeing, GE get to have limited dealings with Iran

The U.S. aircraft company Boeing announced that it has received permission to sell aircraft spare parts to Iran. Meanwhile, General Electric has also got the go-ahead to service 18 engines sold to Iran in the the late 1970s, according to Reuters. » read more

Iraq checks another Iranian plane for arms

Another Iranian airplane bound for Syria was made to land in Iraq to undergo an inspection.This is this the fifth time in the past month that Iraq has made an Iranian airplane land so that it could be searched. » read more

Iraq tightens inspection of Iranian airplanes

Iraq says it has inspected three Iranian flights passing through that country en route to Damascus in the past week and found nothing suspicious. » read more

Iraq heightens scrutiny of Iranian planes bound for Syria

Iraq says it has intensified its inspection of Iranian flights passing through its airspace en route to Syria. » read more

U.S. targets Iranian airlines for alleged arms deliveries

The Obama administration has listed 117 Iranian airplanes for sanctions, alleging they’ve been used to deliver arms to the Syrian regime. » read more

Fall of rial strains airline budgets

Kish Air has announced that Iranian airlines are faced with cost increases of 30 to 35 percent due to the rial’s falling value relative to foreign currencies. » read more