Friday, September 20, 2019 05:58

Iranain student activists

Student activist gets break from prison after four years

Jailed student activist Majid Tavakoli has been given a furlough after four years in jail. » read more

Second report issued on Iranian student rights violations

The human rights commission of the Iranian student organization Tahkim-e Vahdat had issued its second report to the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights for Iran. » read more

Jailed student activist gets human rights award

Jailed Iranian student activist Bahareh Hedayat has been awarded the first Harald Edelstam Prize for her “outstanding courage and commitment to justice” and for actively working “against the violation of Human Rights in Iran.” » read more

Iran marks National Student Day

Iran’s Ministry of Science issued a statement on the occasion of National Student Day, lauding the role of students in fighting against “old colonialism and its objective to make Iran forego its rights.” » read more

Student activist arrested in Sanandaj

Arman Zamani, another member of the Democratic Union of Kurdish Students, was arrested on November 11 by Iranian authorities in Sanandaj. » read more