Wednesday, August 21, 2019 01:58

Iran executions

Iran urged to stop executions

Three senior UN human rights rapporteurs have called on Iran to stop the execution of 11 prisoners set to be hanged today, October 13. » read more

Another four prisoners executed in Iran for drug charges

Four people found guilty of drug offenses were hanged today in the Iranian province of Kerman, ISNA reports, after the judiciary refused to commute their sentences.

They were charged with possession of between four to eight kilos of heroin or crack.

This is Iran’s second round of drug-related executions this week. On Tuesday, eight people were hanged in Orumiyeh and Miandoab in northwestern Iran for drug-related offenses.

The number of executions in Iran has surged dramatically in the past year, following the controversial presidential elections of 2009. » read more

Four hanged in southwestern Iran

Four people were hanged in Zahedan Prison in south western Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchistan for “corruption of the earth and enmity against God."  Fars news agency reports that these individuals had engaged in “armed kidnapping and murder of citizens.” » read more