Thursday, August 22, 2019 08:34

Iran Central Bank

EU court rules in favour of Iranian bank

An EU court has ordered the European Council to lift its sanctions on one of Iran’s largest banks and unfreeze its assets. This is the second such ruling. » read more

Iran’s inflation rate much improved

Iran’s Central Bank says the country’s annual inflation rate now stands at 25.4 percent. The announcement on Sunday July 27 included news that the consumer goods and services price index has gone up by 1.4 percent in Iranian cities compared to last month. » read more

Central Bank says Iran’s frozen assets now released

The fourth and fifth installments of Iran’s frozen assets have been transferred into Iran’s Central Bank account in accordance with the Geneva Agreement, Iranian authorities report. » read more

Easing of sanctions brings latest release of frozen Iranian assets

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, a senior member of Iran’s nuclear negotiation team, has announced that a fourth installment of frozen Iranian assets has been forwarded to Iran’s Central Bank. » read more

Central Bank chief says Iranian rial must rise no more

Valiollah Seif, the head of Iran's Central Bank, announced on Tuesday September 24 that the bank will not allow the Iranian currency to keep rising in value. » read more

Iranian imports cease for more than three weeks

The head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce Imports Commission has announced that all imports to Iran have been halted over the past 25 days. » read more

MP warns of “illegal decision” concerning Iran’s deficit

Iranian MP Ahmad Tavakoli has written to parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani to warn against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “illegal decision regarding currency exchange.” » read more

Skyrocketing prices boost Iran’s inflation rate

Iran’s Central Bank says the inflation rate has reached 34 percent, three percentage points higher than calculations released by the National Statistics Centre. » read more

Iran’s inflation called result of ‘economic war’

Iran’s inflation rate will rise to 31 percent by the end of March, according to the head of Iran’s Central Bank. » read more

Auditor fears public could lose trust in banking system

The deputy auditor of the Central Bank of Iran has warned that some banks may be involved in serious breaches of regulations that may lead to a widespread lack of trust in the banking system among the general public. » read more