Friday, August 23, 2019 03:18

Iran-Britain relations

Iran, Britain to discuss reopening of respective embassies

A group of Iranian MPs has been invited by the British House of Commons to travel to London to discuss the reopening of the British Embassy in Tehran. » read more

Rohani slams British PM's statements

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said upon his return to Tehran on the night of Monday September 29 that he had met with British Prime Minister David Cameron at Britain’s invitation, adding that Cameron subsequently ”gave a wrong and unacceptable statement in his speech.” » read more

Iran turns Cameron’s criticisms back on Britain

Iran has slammed the British Prime Minister for accusing Iran of supporting terrorists in the Middle East region, saying it is Britain that “has afflicted the world with the evil of ISIS.” » read more

ISIS threat brings Iran, Europe closer

Iran’s Foreign Ministry says discussions are underway regarding cooperation with European countries to address the growing tensions in Iraq and the threat posed by the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. » read more

Embassies reopen as Britain, Iran mend ties

Iran has announced that the British embassy in Iran and the Iranian embassy in Britain will soon be completely reopened. Iran’s non-resident charge d’affaires reported that the British Embassy will soon reopen fully in Tehran and all its sections will become active. » read more

British embassy to be reopened in Tehran

British Foreign Secretary William Hague called for security guarantees for its diplomats before finalizing plans to reopen the British Embassy in Tehran. » read more

Iran, Britain resume relations

Iran and Britain re-established diplomatic relations starting Thursday February 20, raising each other's flags at their respective embassies in London and Tehran. » read more

British delegation due in Tehran on Tuesday for three-day visit

Iranian Parliament announced that the British parliamentary delegation led by former British foreign minister Jack Straw will arrive in Tehran on Tuesday January 7. » read more

British delegation to Iran next step in rebuilding ties

Iran’s non-resident chargé d'affaire to Britain reports that a British parliamentary delegation will visit Iran for a three-day visit in January. » read more

Iranian diplomat arrives in Britain to restore relations

Iran’s non-resident charges d’affaires Mohammad Hassan Habibollahzadeh arrived in London on December 12. » read more