Saturday, August 24, 2019 12:41

internet access in Iran

Iran prepares to launch more selective internet censorship

The Ministry of Communications announced on Sunday November 9 that within six months it will implement “smart filtering” on the internet. » read more

Prosecutor’s office stresses Facebook ban amid reports of free access

The deputy Prosecutor General of Iran announced that no officials anywhere in Iran have the authority to stop the filtering of Facebook as deemed necessary by the state body responsible for determining permissible activity on the internet. » read more

Culture minister muses about looser internet restrictions

The Iranian minister of culture and guidance says 4 million Iranian internet users are on Facebook and it is not practical for the government to persist in imposing restrictions on access to the social media site. » read more

Web committee discusses loosening online restrictions

Iran’s minister of communications says the committee for determining criminal content on the web has met to discuss the new administration’s policies in order to reach consensus on which sites will be subject to filtering. » read more

Iran prepares to relax internet filtering

Iran’s Ministry of Communications and IT announced that it is developing a system to overhaul internet filtering in the country. » read more

Iranian officials may end blocking of social networking sites

Iran’s ministry of communication and information technology announced that it is looking at the possibility of ending the restrictions on accessing social networking websites in Iran. » read more

Twitter official tweets Rohani about web access in Iran

tJack Dorsey, Twitter chairman and CEO, has publicly questioned Iranian President Hassan Rohani over the blocking of the Twitter website in Iran. » read more

Gov’t committee to study Iran’s internet problems

Iranian MP Reza Rahmani says a committee has been charged with reviewing internet services in the country. » read more

Press rights group knocks Iran’s internet limits

Reporters Without Borders has spoken out against the restrictions put on internet access in Iran, saying the government is trying to prevent Iranians from getting news and information in the lead-up to the presidential election. » read more

Internet proxies no longer effective in Iran

Reports from Iran indicate that proxies are no longer effective for Iranian internet users to circumvent web censorship. » read more