Friday, September 20, 2019 05:48


Inflation down but cheap oil may halt decline in inflation

Iran’s Central bank reported that inflation rate in the country fell to 16.3 percent in the first month of winter, which represents a decline of 22 percentage points compared to last winter. » read more

New rules change interest paid on deposits

New central bank directives have put an end to the payment of daily interest on deposits, and only a minimum one-year deposit is allotted interest at 22 percent. Reports indicate, however, that some financial institutions are still offering daily interest rates at 27 percent per annum. » read more

Rohani touts inflation control, promises more

Iran’s president told the Iranian Parliament on Sunday December 7 that in the new Iranian calendar year, inflation will drop below 20 percent. » read more

Iran’s inflation rate has dramatic fall

Iran’s Central Bank says the inflation rate has been cut in half compared to the same time last year, falling to 20.1 percent. The report adds that health services have been hit with the highest inflation at 30.1 percent, with transportation trailing at 25 percent. » read more

Easing of inflation attributed to “fiscal discipline”

Iran’s Central bank says the rate of inflation has decreased by 15 percentage points. According to the Bank, Iran’s inflation rate in the past month was 23.2 percent, which is the lowest in the past two years. Last August, the inflation rate was 39 percent. » read more

Iran’s inflation rate much improved

Iran’s Central Bank says the country’s annual inflation rate now stands at 25.4 percent. The announcement on Sunday July 27 included news that the consumer goods and services price index has gone up by 1.4 percent in Iranian cities compared to last month. » read more

Tariff hike increases price of gas in Iran

Iran’s home and public tariffs on gas is increasing by 30 percent effective at the start of the new Iranian calendar year, which began on March 21. » read more

Yazd retirees petition Rohani for inflation compensation

Hundreds of retired workers in Yazd have signed a petition addressed to President Hassan Rohani calling for increases in their Social Security payments to match the rate of inflation. » read more

Rohani points to foreign investment as an economic cure

Iranian President Hassan Rohani spoke on live television about his government’s actions to attract foreign investment, describing the positive steps he has taken to resolve the country’s economic problems. » read more

Iranian auto parts workers cut down by poor economy

Iran’s automotive sector announced today, July 21, that close to 122,000 workers in auto parts factories have lost their jobs in the past year. » read more