Sunday, August 25, 2019 04:41


We Won’t Be Silenced: Women’s Demands in Three Episodes

What does March 8 mean for Iranian women? What is their share of the decades of struggle by women’s rights activists for equality? What are the problems and demands of those who live in large and small cities, in villages and more closed communities? » read more

Council rejects bill of support for volunteer hijab patrols

The Guardian Council has once again rejected a bill to support volunteer hijab enforcers, saying it contravenes the constitution and needs to be reviewed by Parliament. » read more

Subversive Facebook page wins women’s rights prize

The Geneva Summit for Democracy and Human Rights announced on Monday that Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, creator of the My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page, is the recipient of its Women’s Rights Prize for 2015. » read more

Council votes down law for volunteer morality enforcers

The Guardian Council has voted against new legislation that supports plainclothes volunteers acting as morality enforcers, saying it contradicts provisions of the constitution. » read more

Police close down more than two dozen Tehran cafés

At least 26 cafés in Tehran have been shut down by police citing violations such as “the inappropriate hijab” of customers. The Shahrvand daily wrote on Saturday November 22 that this is an unprecedented wave of police action against Tehran cafés. » read more

Basij forces given go ahead to enforce hijab compliance

Iranian Parliament has approved a bill allowing Basij forces to give verbal warnings to people in public regarding their compliance with the Islamic dress code. » read more

Mashhad women, girls instructed on hijab, relationships

The head of the Leisure and Cultural Organization of the City of Mashhad has announced the implementation of the “Hijab Discourse Project” to teach about hijab (Islamic dress code and comportment) to people of various ages. » read more

Acid attacks against women on the rise in Isfahan

Reports from Isfahan indicate that in recent weeks there has been a rise in the incidence of people throwing acird onto women, purportedly for not wearing appropriate hijab or Islamic gard in public. » read more

MPs push bill to crack down on immodest attire, satellites

A number of Iranian MPs have introduced a bill to punish violations of hijab (the Islamic dress code) with fines and the possession of satellite receivers with prison terms. » read more

Hijab patrols on Tehran streets quashed by officials

The 4,000-member Ansar-e Hezbollah patrols, which had announced their intention to confront any public noncompliance with Hijab (the Islamic dress code), will no longer hit the streets of Tehran due to resistance from the Security Forces. » read more