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Heydar Moslehi

Iran investigates surveillance of MP’s office

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced today, July 19, 2013, that it will look into the illegal installation of surveillance equipment in the office of prominent MP Ali Motahari. » read more

Iran says journalist crackdown foils enemies’ plans

Iran’s Intelligence Minister says recently detained journalists are “puppets of world arrogance” and their arrests have created “havoc” in the network of the country’s enemies. » read more

Iranian official warns against budget abuse during elections

Heydar Moslehi, Iran’s Minister of Intelligence, has warned against the abuse of government budgets for illegitimate purposes in the presidential and city council elections.

ILNA reports that Moslehi said on Saturday March 2: “As we have two important elections in the coming [Iranian] year…I have to stress that we need to stop any form of abuse of government budgets in the election processes.”

The presidential election in Iran will take place in June 2013, at the same time as city council elections. » read more

Intelligence Minister says assassins arrested

Iran’s Intelligence Minister has announced that the perpetrators of Daryoosh Rezainejad’s assassination have been arrested. » read more

Minister says politics closed to “sedition” leaders

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi says the government will not allow “leaders of sedition” to return to the political arena. » read more

“Cyber attack” targeted Iranian nuclear systems: minister

The Iranian Intelligence Minister says a “massive cyber attack” was attempted against Iran’s nuclear facilities after the Moscow talks failed to reach a breakthrough, Press TV reports. » read more

Arrests announced for assassination ring

The Iranian Minister of Intelligence announced on Sunday that 20 people have been arrested as part of its operation aimed at “identifying and destroying” the people who targeted Iran’s nuclear scientists for assassination. » read more

Intelligence Minister says Iran facing full-fledged war

Iran’s Intelligence Minister says a full-blown and multifaceted war is being waged against the Islamic Republic, and the “enemy” is now taking a new approach. » read more

Intelligence Minister warns against election turmoil

Iran’s Intelligence Minister has warned the public that the country’s “enemies” are trying to disrupt the coming elections. » read more

Iran announces arrest of "election disruptors"

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi has announced the arrest of several “election disruptors” in Tehran. » read more