Sunday, August 25, 2019 02:34


Officials disagree on safety of Tehran tap water

The head of Tehran Health and City Services Commission has called on the city residents to stop consuming tap water and only use bottled water for drinking. Rahmatollah Hafezi stressed that tap water in certain parts of the city can be harmful to people's health. » read more

Industry suspected as health problems plague village

Iranian media report a possible correlation between the high incidence of birth defects in the village of Kazaz in Markazi Province and its proximity to heavy industrial and refinery facilities. » read more

Officials warn millions of Iranians suffer from poor diet

Forty-five million Iranians face inadequate nutrition, according to Bahram Biranvand, a member of Iranian Parliament’s Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Commission. » read more

Iran’s Supreme Leader has successful surgery

Iranian media report that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has undergone prostate surgery. The Central News Unit reports that the surgery was carried out in a public hospital and “was carried out with success.” » read more

Iran to end organ transplants for foreigners

Iran’s Minister of Health has announced that organ transplants for non-Iranians will be banned by the end of September. He cited the long waiting lists for Iranians seeking organ transplants as the main reason for the new regulation. » read more

Industrial pollution endangering workers' health

The physical and mental health of workers in the Southern Pars Region is being threatened by suspended air contaminanants, says a senior industrial safety expert. Gholamhossein Eshghi told ILNA on Tuesday August 12 that the emergence of conditions such as autism in the region is due to the spread of pollutants in the area. He maintained that workers in the Oslouyeh region cannot donate their blood because of the contamination. » read more

Parliament investigates health impact of interference waves

Iran’s Environment Commission is to probe the effect of interference waves on public health.

The Iranian government uses interference waves to censor satellite programs, and many people have regarded these waves as the cause of serious health problems for the public. » read more

Concerns raised over smuggling of medical equipment

A spokesman for Parliament’s Health Commission has spoken out against “official channels of smuggling medical equipment.” » read more

Cities warn Parliament about dangerous food imports

Representatives of the Iranian cities of Golpaygan and Langarood have warned the agriculture and health ministers that recent imports of wheat and rice are contaminated and could cause widespread health complications. » read more

Health Ministry to study effects of interference waves

The Iranian Health Ministry has announced it is setting up a committee to monitor the effects of satellite waves on human health. » read more