Monday, August 19, 2019 07:27

Hassan Rohani

First draft of Iranian rights charter headed for public comment

The Iranian presidency’s legal advisors have published the first draft of the Charter of Citizen Rights, as promised earlier by President Hassan Rohani. » read more

Rohani slams previous gov’t for food, cash shortages

Iranian President Hassan Rohani discussed his administration's first 100-day report on the national broadcasting network. » read more

Rights group says Rohani must now address human rights

Amnesty International has called on the Hassan Rohani administration to live up to its human rights commitments. » read more

Rohani tells citizens' rights bill is underway

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has told a gathering of parliamentary representatives of religious minorities that a Bill of Citizen Rights is now being prepared. » read more

Supreme Leader warns against “weakening” negotiators

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has announced that it is wrong to weaken the country’s nuclear negotiators by referring to them as accommodators; however, he stressed that he is not optimistic about negotiations with the United States. » read more

Foreign minister criticized for comments on assault

The Keyhan daily and conservative MP Hamid Resai have denounced the foreign minister's statements posted on his personal Facebook page condemning the assault on the daughters of MirHosein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard, the opposition leaders under house arrest. » read more

Former president warns Rohani of enemies’ campaign

Former President Mohammad Khatami says certain elements are trying to separate President Hassan Rohani from his supporters. » read more

Khatami’s last stand and Rohani’s first

“This government will be toppled in six months!” This is a statement attributed to an Islamic Republic hardliner about the reform government of Mohammad Khatami. » read more

President defends second choices to head ministries

Iranian President Hassan Rohani appeared in Parliament today to defend the new appointees he has selected to head three ministries, after his earlier candidates were rejected by Parliament, and he emphasized that his “government will not retreat from its path.” » read more

Rohani urges Swiss to advance nuclear negotiations

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has received the new Swiss Ambassador to Tehran, Giulio Haas, expressing Iran’s will to reach a win-win situation in negotiations with world powers. » read more