Monday, August 26, 2019 01:15

Hassan Rohani

Rohani adopts Supreme Leader’s idea for “Economy of Resistance”

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has echoed the Iranian Supreme Leader’s call for an “economy of resistance”, saying that the concept will redirect the country’s economy in the coming years. » read more

Rohani raises religious equality in Bandar Abbas

There is no discrimination between Shia and Sunni citizen rights in Iran, the Iranian president told residents of Bandar Abbas on Tuesday February 26. » read more

Reports say people were arrested trying to join anniversary march

Iranian opposition websites report that a number of participants in today’s march marking the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution have been arrested by security forces. » read more

Rohani touts achievements during Revolution anniversary

Iranian President Hassan Rohani marked the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution among demonstrators who defended the report card of his administration. » read more

Iranian president signals eagerness to attract foreign investment

Iranian President Hassan Rohani told a meeting of ambassadors and foreign political representatives in Tehran that Iran is prepared to finalize the talks with 5+1 and welcome foreign investment from international companies. » read more

Rohani points to foreign investment as an economic cure

Iranian President Hassan Rohani spoke on live television about his government’s actions to attract foreign investment, describing the positive steps he has taken to resolve the country’s economic problems. » read more

Rohani sends ministers to provinces slammed by snow

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has dispatched his ministers of power and transportation and development to Gilan and Mazandaran provinces, where heavy snowfall and extreme weather conditions have wreaked havoc. » read more

President warns big increase in gas price on the way

The Iranian president has warned of a sharp rise in the price of gasoline in a meeting between cabinet and Parliament. » read more

Rohani tells forum Iran welcomes foreign investment

The Iranian president told the World Economic Forum at Davos that Iran is open for foreign investment. » read more

Rohani declares Syrian talks likely to fail

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Wednesday January 22 that he does not see much hope for success at the Geneva 2 conference aimed at resolving the Syrian conflict. » read more