Monday, September 16, 2019 12:58

Hassan Rohani

Rohani champions internet access for Iranians

President Hassan Rohani says he welcomes people’s use of social networking sites and he urged the ministry of communications to increase internet speed and bandwidth for better public access. » read more

Rohani reacts to his critics

Hassan Rohani Iranian president reacted to the barrage of criticism against his administration and especially his nuclear negotiating team saying some have abused the slogan of “fighting against super powers to empty the pockets of the people and to loot the people’s property.” » read more

Rohani promises projects for Ilam Province

On his trip to Ilam Province, Iranian President Hassan Rohani announced that residents there can look forward to 44 development projects that have been approved in the province. » read more

IRGC-linked film predicts Rohani’s nuclear surrender to West

Iranian media close to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have announced that on Tuesday May 6, they are launching a documentary at the Tehran University School of Management examining the nuclear negotiations that led to the Geneva Agreement between Iran and the 5+1. » read more

Criticism prompts Rohani to defend nuclear negotiations

After Basij hardliners organized a gathering for those concerned about the nuclear negotiations, saying the Rohani administration has been overly accommodating of Western demands, President Hassan Rohani spoke in defense of his policies. » read more

Rohani defends administration at book fair

The 27th Tehran Book Fair was launched on Tuesday April 29 with Iranian President Hassan Rohani, and Minister of Culture Ali Jannati attending. » read more

Rohani speaks up for equality in Women’s Day speech

One day after Iran’s Supreme Leader denounced gender equality as a Western cliché, Iranian President Hassan Rohani stressed the need for gender equality in all strata of the country, adding “the fear of women’s presence and their excellence” should not be attributed to Islam and religion. » read more

Rohani calls for truth about captive border guard allegedly killed

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has welcomed the return of four Iranian border officials who had been held hostage since February by the group Jeysh-ol-Adl group, while calling on government agencies to persist relentlessly in determining the fate of Jamshid Danaifar, a fifth hostage whom the group claimed to have executed. » read more

Iran promotes wider relations with EU during diplomat’s visit

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met with Iranian President Hassan Rohani on March 10 in Tehran. » read more

Rohani fires back in brewing debate over cultural issues

Two days after Iran’s Supreme Leader expressed concern over cultural issues in Iran, President Hassan Rohani lashed back at the rising criticism, denouncing “pressure and policing methods” as a way of confronting cultural issues facing the country. » read more