Sunday, September 22, 2019 02:31

Hassan Rohani

Rohani calls for answers on banning of women from stadium

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has called on his Minister of Sports and his head of women’s affairs to find out why Iranian women were barred from entering a stadium to watch the volleyball match between Iran and Brazil. » read more

Rohani admits possibility of fighting alongside U.S.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has confirmed that Iran may collaborate with international forces against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), an extremist jihadist group that has carved out a part of Iraq and Syria for the establishment of its own state. » read more

Rohani fires back at hardline critics

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has accused his critics among the conservative factions of the establishment of clinging to outdated ideas. » read more

Rohani supporter named Tehran University president

The Minister of Science and Technology has appointed Mohammad Nili Ahmadabadi as the new president of Tehran University. Iranian media report that Nili Ahmadabadi will work as interim head of the university until his appointment has been announced to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. » read more

Former leader’s memorial disrupted by chanters

A number of people taking part in the Memorial Service for the late Islamic Republic leader Ayatollah Khomeini were arrested by plainclothes officers. » read more

Establishment backlash grows against Rohani’s statements

President Rohani’s statements about curbing overt government interference in people’s lives have drawn more fire from the establishment, this time from Iran’s Prosecutor General and spokesman for the judiciary, Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei. » read more

Rohani to visit Turkey as countries grow closer

Iranian President Hassan Rohani president will make his first trip to Turkey on Monday June 9. » read more

Environment NGO gets newly revived Environment Prize

The Sabz Chia Association, an environmental protection group in Marivan, has been awarded Iran’s National Environment Prize. » read more

Rohani responds to critical Imams

Iranian President Hassan Rohani responded to the attacks against him by the Tehran and Mashhad Friday Mass Imams, saying “Some are constantly concerned with people’s religion and the judgement day without expert knowledge of either.” » read more

Rohani calls for less meddling in lives of citizens

Hassan Rohani urged government bodies to refrain from overt interference in people’s lives in a speech on Saturday May 24. Mehr News Agency reports that the Iranian president said in his speech regarding public health: “Let us not interfere so much in people's lives…people cannot be bullied into going to heaven with whips.” » read more