Friday, September 20, 2019 02:50

Hassan Rohani

Rohani to attend meeting of Caspian states

Iranian media report that President Hassan Rohani, who is currently in New York attending the UN General Assembly, will go directly to Russia in order to attend the meeting of summit of the Caspian states. » read more

Rohani looks forward to “opportunity” of UN visit

President Hassan Rohani appeared at a press conference before leaving for New York to attend the United Nations’ General Assembly, saying the trip is “an opportunity to represent the view of the people of Iran to the leaders and representatives of other countries.” » read more

Rohani visits Kazakhstan to promote trade

Iranian President Hassan Rohani travelled to Kazakhstan for an official meeting with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. » read more

Rohani lauds government’s performance

President Hassan Rohani marked the end of Government Week in Iran with a speech commending the achievements of his government, specifically in the fields of the economy, agriculture, the environment and foreign policy. » read more

Rohani vows steady course despite minister’s removal

Iranian President Hassan Rohani gave a speech on Saturday in which he referred to Parliament’s removal of his science minister, Reza Farajidana, saying: “Changing one person will not change the direction of the administration.” » read more

Rohani unruffled by minister’s impeachment

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has reacted to Parliament’s dismissal of his science minister, saying: “We must all abide by the rules of the game in the framework of the law.” » read more

Rohani slams predecessor’s oil policies

Iranian president Hassan Rohani accused his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of having “a lack of wisdom” and said: “Under the pretext of circumventing sanctions, they gave the oil away to those who took it away for themselves and in effect circumvented the Iranian people.” » read more

Rohani leads call to aid Palestinians at NAM meeting

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza and called on the United Nations to step in to end the “massacre and genocide” of Palestinians. » read more

Rohani team gets show of support from Supreme Leader

Iran’s leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Monday that he trusts the Hassan Rohani administration and its nuclear negotiating team.

The statement from Iran’s leader comes in the midst of the sixth round of nuclear talks, and the parties are now two weeks away from the deadline for reaching a final comprehensive agreement. » read more

Supreme Leader says Iraqi conflict not sectarian

President Hassan Rohani has warned against giving support to the extremist group Islamic Government of Iraq and Levant, while Iran’s Supreme Leader said on Sunday that the conflict in Iraq is between those who want Iraq “to join the U.S. camp and those who want Iraq’s independence.” » read more