Saturday, August 24, 2019 09:19

Hassan Rohani

Candidate Rohani may face belated disqualification

Iranian media report that the Guardian Council may belatedly disqualify reformist candidate Hassan Rohani from running for president. » read more

Reformist candidate’s campaign workers arrested

Reports from Tehran indicate that a number of participants in campaign events for reformist presidential candidate Hassan Rohani were arrested on Saturday in Tehran. » read more

Candidates air views on TV programs

Hassan Rohani, an Iranian presidential candidate, says the internet bandwidth provided for Iranians is an insult and he criticized the “lack of variety” in the media. » read more

Candidate’s detained campaign workers moved to solitary

An opposition website reports that the detained members of Hassan Rohani’s campaign team have been transferred to solitary confinement. » read more

Forces descend on campaign event, make arrests

A campaign gathering for Iranian presidential hopeful Hassan Rohani was interrupted by security forces, which led to the arrest of some of the candidate’s supporters. » read more

Candidate accuses state broadcaster of bias

Hassan Rohani, an Iranian presidential candidate, has spoken out against the National Broadcasting service Seda va Sima in an official announcement from his election campaign office. » read more

Potential reformist candidate says U.S. relations possible

Iranian presidential hopeful Hassan Rohani has raised the possibility of establishing direct relations with the United States so long as national interests are not compromised. » read more

“Moderate” presidential candidate promises bill of rights

Hassan Rohani, the head of strategic research for Iran’s Expediency Council, announced on Thursday April 11 that he plans to run for president in the June election. » read more