Sunday, September 22, 2019 07:53

Hassan Rohani

Rohani takes power, gives first speech as president

Hassan Rohani was officially given the presidential decree at a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday August 3. » read more

Plan set for Rohani to take power today

Iran’s president-elect will be handed the reins of the administration following today’s inauguration ceremony in Tehran. » read more

Other reformist candidate for president not in cabinet

Prominent reformist figure Mohammadreza Aref announced today, August 2, that he will not be a member of the new president’s cabinet but he will collaborate with the new administration. » read more

Editorial claims Rohani under sway of seditious element

The head of the Keyhan Daily published a note in today’s Tehran edition, saying the new president-elect is being pushed by anti-regime forces as he selects his cabinet members. » read more

Iran Supreme Leader rejects Rohani cabinet choices

Ayatollah Khamenei has rejected Hassan Rohani’s suggestions for leadership posts in his cabinet, and the president-elect has reportedly dropped his earlier choices and introduced new nominees. » read more

Hashemi calls for unified support of new adminsitration

The head of Iran’s Expediency Council said on Monday July 29 that he is confident Hassan Rohani can satisfy the people’s demands, so long as he is supported by all branches of government. » read more

Foreign leaders confirmed for Rohani inauguration

Iranian media report that 10 presidents and three prime ministers so far have confirmed their attendance at the inauguration ceremony for Iranian president-elect Hassan Rohani. » read more

Putin to visit Iran after new president is sworn in

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit Iran in mid-August, shortly after president-elect Hassan Rohani will have taken over the administration. » read more

Nuclear talks hinge on delegate appointments

Iran’s Foreign Minister says incoming Iranian president Hassan Rohani must appoint new members to the nuclear negotiating team before talks with the P5+1 can be scheduled. » read more

President-elect says Parliament must reclaim “dignity”

Hassan Rohani, Iran’s president-elect, said in a meeting with MPs that Parliament has been disrespected in recent years, and the legislative body must be given back its “dignity and command.” » read more