Sunday, September 22, 2019 07:58

Hassan Rohani

Academic agency advises president on university reforms

In a letter to President Hassan Rohani, the Iranian Academy of Sciences is calling for an end to the critical state of universities and the security-laden atmosphere dominating the higher-education system. » read more

Rohani vows government to be more inclusive of various groups

At the inauguration ceremony for Iran’s new administration, President Hassan Rohani announced that the executive will enlist the power of Iran’s ethnic and religious minorities as well the country’s women and youth. » read more

Rohani holds first meeting with new ministers

The Rohani cabinet was officially established today August 19 after their first meeting. » read more

Parliament rejects three of Rohani’s proposed ministers

Three of Hassan Rohani’s proposed cabinet members have been rejected by the Iranian Parliament. » read more

Former foreign minister to lead Iran’s nuclear agency

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has appointed former foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi to be the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency. » read more

Rohani’s pick for education minister defends his record

Hassan Rohani’s proposed education minister, Mohammadali Najafi, defended his qualifications and experience while emphasizing his support for the Supreme Leader and the regime. » read more

Rohani defends cabinet choices in Parliament

Iran’s new president, Hassan Rohani, spoke in defence of his choices for cabinet on Monday August 12 in Parliament. » read more

Activists implore Obama to end pressures on Iranians

Fifty-five Iranian activists, many of whom are currently behind bars in Iran, have written a letter reminding the U.S. president that sanctions are hurting the people of Iran. They urged him to seize the opportunity of a new Iranian administration to put an end to the pressures being imposed on Iranians. » read more

British PM sends hopeful message to Rohani

British Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed hope that the presidency of Hassan Rohani will present an opportunity to improve long-strained relations between their two counties. » read more

Rohani lays out priorities at first news conference as president

Hassan Rohani held his first press conference as Iran’s new president today, August 6, in Tehran. » read more