Monday, September 16, 2019 12:50

Hassan Rohani

Rohani credits his government policies for Iran’s economic improvement

Iranian President Hassan Rohani says his government succeeded in reducing the rate of inflation from over 40 percent to 17 percent within 16 months. » read more

Rohani touts inflation control, promises more

Iran’s president told the Iranian Parliament on Sunday December 7 that in the new Iranian calendar year, inflation will drop below 20 percent. » read more

Former president describes pressures facing Rohani

Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami says current president Hassan Rohani is under serious pressure from his political opponents as he deals with political and cultural issues. » read more

Nuclear talks extended as Rohani predicts Iran’s victory

Nuclear negotiations between Iran and the 5+1 wrapped up in Vienna with parties planning to meet again in December. Following the decision to extend the talks for another eight months, Iranian President Hassan Rohani said that in the end, Iran will emerge triumphant from the negotiations. » read more

Rohani leads cheer for resolution of nuclear talks

As the Iranian and 5+1 delegations move into the second day of nuclear talks in Vienna, President Rohani said after a meeting with the heads of Parliament and the Judiciary that as long as there is “a political will and no excessive demands, everything is in place to reach an agreement.” » read more

Rohani lauds new transparency rules for government spending

President Hassan Rohani’s communications adviser announced that blocking cellphone social networking websites has not been approved, adding that on Wednesday November 12, cabinet adopted new regulations to allow free access to information regarding government spending. » read more

Rohani assigns ministries to solve acid-throwing problem

President Rohani expressed serious concern regarding incidents of acid throwing in Isfahan, ordering the ministries of the interior, intelligence and justice to identify the perpetrators and keep citizens safe. » read more

Rohani casts positive light on nuclear talks

Iranian president Hassan Rohani told reporters it is possible to reach a final nuclear agreement since consensus has been reached between Iran and the 5+1 on most of the general issues. » read more

MP threatens confrontation in Parliament over opposition leaders

Iranian MP Ali Motahari has reportedly warned Hassan Rohani that if he fails to address the issue of the house arrest of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, the issue will be presented to him in the form of a formal session of questioning in Parliament. » read more

Rohani slams British PM's statements

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said upon his return to Tehran on the night of Monday September 29 that he had met with British Prime Minister David Cameron at Britain’s invitation, adding that Cameron subsequently ”gave a wrong and unacceptable statement in his speech.” » read more