Monday, April 06, 2020 08:53

Hassan Rohani

President, Supreme Leader give New Year’s message to Iranians

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei addressed Iranians about the coming year, referring to it as the year of “government and the people: empathy and support” and adding that the past year was an eventful one for the country both within and outside its borders. » read more

Presidential powers called insufficient to fulfill promises of liberty

The head of Iran’s expediency council says that while he supports Hassan Rohani, the president made campaign promises about political and social liberties that go beyond the limits of his executive power. » read more

Rohani aims to tighten Iran’s border against smuggling

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has issued an order for the Task Force Against Smuggling Goods and Foreign Currency to start coordinated action to “shut down unauthorized ports and entry points” and stop the interference of “unauthorized bodies” in national imports. » read more

MPs want to know which top officials have dual citizenship

A group of Iranian MPs is trying to pass a bill calling for the investigation of top officials of the three branches of government in order to establish a list of those who might have dual citizenship. » read more

Rohani counters Obama’s statement on nuclear talks

Iranian President Hassan Rohani says Iran has taken all the necessary steps in the nuclear negotiations with the 5+1 and “it is now the opposing parties’ turn to take advantage of the circumstances.” » read more

Rohani reportedly ordered review of house arrests

Opposition website Saham News reports that Hassan Rohani has ordered a review of the house arrest of the leaders of the Green Movement in the next session of the Supreme Council of National Security. » read more

MPs go after officials with dual citizenship

Thirteen Iranian MPs have called on Hassan Rohani to remove the senior government officials who have dual citizenship. The Tasnim News Agency reports that the MPs maintain that employing individuals with dual citizenship is “not permissible”. » read more

Iran’s neighbours called more vulnerable to cheap oil

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said in a trip to Bushehr that Iran is less affected by the decline in the price of oil than its neighbouring oil producers because it only depends on oil revenues for one third of its budget. » read more

Rohani slams deadly attack on Paris magazine

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has condemned the killings at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, saying: “We condemn extremism, violence and terrorism, be they in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria or in France or the U.S.” » read more

Rohani promotes popular votes on policy direction

Iranian President Hassan Rohani says it is time to implement the constitutional provision for referendums on economic, social, political and cultural matters. » read more