Tuesday, July 16, 2019 04:17

Haleh Sahabi

Jailed blogger writes protest letter to leader

Jailed Iranian blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, who is on hunger strike, has written to Iran’s Supreme Leader to protest against his situation in jail. » read more

MP admits state error in death of activist

Iranian MP Ali Motahari has admitted “the negligence of officials caused the death of Haleh Sahabi,” the Iranian activist who died during a raid on her father’s funeral. » read more

Tehran Prosecutor urged to investigate death of political prisoners

A group of Iranian human rights activists and court attorneys has called on the Tehran Prosecutor to investigate the “moving and painful” deaths of Haleh Sahabi and Reza Hoda Saber. » read more

Iranian political prisoners protest death of jailed activists

Twelve Iranian political prisoners have started a hunger strike to protest the deaths of the two Nationalist-religious political prisoners in the past month, Haleh Sahabi and Reza Hoda Saber. » read more

Outcry against Haleh Sahabi’s death

Female political prisoners in Iran have issued a statement condemning the “lies in the government media about Haleh Sahabi’s death” and calling for those responsible for her death to be brought to justice. » read more

Protesters dispersed at Service for Haleh Sahabi

Iranian security forces fired shots in the air to disperse people protesting the death of Iranian activist Haleh Sahabi, witnesses told AFP. » read more

Activists call for probe into death of Haleh Sahabi

Iran’s Council of Nationalist-Religious Activists has called on the Islamic Republic judiciary to investigate the death of Haleh Sahabi at her father’s funeral on Wednesday and the involvement of security forces there. » read more

Haleh Sahabi given speedy burial

Activist Haleh Sahabi, who died yesterday at the funeral of her dissident father, was buried Wednesday night by Iranian security forces.

Opposition websites report that the Sahabi family had intended to hold their own ceremony, but security forces took possession of her remains by force and transferred her to Lavasan, northeast of Tehran, for a swift burial. » read more

Haleh Sahabi dies in scuffle at father’s funeral

Haleh Sahabi, the daughter of Iranian dissident Ezzatollah Sahabi died from a heart attack after security forces descended upon her father’s funeral.

Mizan website, the news outlet associated with the Nationalist-religious Coalition wrote: “A security official tried to grab a photo of Mr. Sahabi that Haleh Sahabi was pressing against her chest. The force of his action and her resistance caused her to fall, and then she did not rise.” » read more

Detained Iranian activist denied hospital visit with father

Tehran’s prosecutor has refused to allow detained Iranian activist Haleh Sahabi to visit her father in hospital. » read more