Friday, September 20, 2019 11:51

Green Movement

Jaras news site shutting down though goal still unmet

The Jaras website, which calls itself a media source for Iran’s Green Movement, has announced that after six years of journalistic activities, it has decided to close down the website. » read more

Rohani reportedly ordered review of house arrests

Opposition website Saham News reports that Hassan Rohani has ordered a review of the house arrest of the leaders of the Green Movement in the next session of the Supreme Council of National Security. » read more

Activist arrested after speech labelled "seditious"

Saeed Razavi Faqih, an Iranian political activist and reformist, has been arrested in Iran, according to Iranian media reports. » read more

Reports say people were arrested trying to join anniversary march

Iranian opposition websites report that a number of participants in today’s march marking the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution have been arrested by security forces. » read more

Conservative MP supports release of political prisoners

Iranian conservative MP Ali Motahari told the Khabar on line website that it’s no longer necessary to continue incarcerating political prisoners who were jailed following the 2009 election protests. » read more

Efforts to Draw Together the Diverging Paths of Reformists and the Green Movement

Two recent visits paid to Abdollah Nouri by Iranian student activists have generated a lot of buzz, and some media outlets have begun to refer to him as the reformist candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. » read more

Iranian Supreme Leader urged to hold talks with opposition leaders

Ahmad Montazeri, the son of the late dissident Iranian cleric Ayatollah Hosseinali Montazeri, is urging the Iranian Surpeme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to begin a dialogue with the opposition leaders. » read more

Two Iranians killed in Monday's protests

Iran announced that one of the people injured in Monday's protests has died bringing the number of people killed in the Febraury 14 protests to two. » read more

Iranian opposition leader under house arrest

Islamic Republic security forces prevented Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi from receiving his family and visitors at home today, Saham News reported. » read more

Iran blocks Yahoo and Reuters as internet speeds fall

Iranian authorities have blocked access to Yahoo News and Reuters.com expanding their usual restrictions on foreign sites. Reuters reports that their site has been blocked since Monday and while there has been no official acknowledgement of the restrictions, an unidentified Iranian official contacted by Reuters told them that the government was looking into the problem in order to remove it. » read more