Saturday, September 21, 2019 11:44

Geneva 2 talks

Rohani declares Syrian talks likely to fail

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Wednesday January 22 that he does not see much hope for success at the Geneva 2 conference aimed at resolving the Syrian conflict. » read more

Iran insists it never accepted any conditions for joining Geneva peace talks

Iranian foreign ministry announced that Iran has very clearly stated that it will only participate in the Geneva 2 talks about the Syrian conflict without any pre-conditions despite statements from the UN Secretary General that Iran has accepted the outcome of Geneva 1 talks. » read more

Iran accepts controversial invitation to talk on Syria

Iran’s foreign ministry has announced that Iran will take part in the Geneva 2 talks regarding the Syrian conflict. » read more

Iran’s official invitation to peace talks under consideration

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has once again announced his support for Iran’s participation in the Geneva 2 talks about the Syrian conflict, adding that officials are considering an official invitation. » read more

Top diplomats see role for Iran in talks on Syria

The U.S. Secretary of State says if Iran is prepared to approve the decisions made at the first Geneva conference regarding the Syrian conflict, then it could be a party to the upcoming Geneva-2 conference. » read more

U.S. hints at informal role for Iran in Syrian peace talks

The United States hinted on Sunday January 5 that there may be a role for Iran to play in the Syrian peace talks. » read more

UN chief roots for Iran as part of Syrian peace talks

The UN Secretary General has announced that he hopes the obstacles keeping Iran from taking part in the Geneva 2 talks will soon be removed. » read more

Iranian cleric sees failure at peace talks without Iran

An Iranian senior cleric and member of the Assembly of Experts, Ahmad Khatami, has predicted that without Iran at the table, the Geneva 2 talks are bound to fail. » read more

Iran to take part in second round of Syrian peace talks

The head of international affairs for the Iranian Parliament has announced that Iran will participate in the Geneva 2 talks regarding peace in Syria. » read more

Iran among 30-plus countries invited to Syrian peace talks

Iran and Saudi Arabia along with 30 other countries are invited to the Geneva 2 talks aimed at ending the conflicts in Syria, an unidentified Arab diplomat has told AFP. » read more