Sunday, September 22, 2019 03:47

foreign exchange rates

Customs rule changes to help import of crucial drugs

Iranian customs authorities have announced that medical drug importers will be allowed to clear their back-up goods through customs if they have bank guarantees for money owing. » read more

Alarm sounded over food shortages due to customs snags

The head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce warned on Wednesday July 31 that government mismanagement of the clearance of goods at customs will push the country into food shortages in the coming months. » read more

Police announce more arrests around currency crisis

The Tehran Police force has announced that 88 “gold and foreign currency brokers” have been arrested, as disputes have intensified between the Iranian government and the Central Bank over handling the crisis in the currency and gold markets. » read more

Iran tries to reverse fall of national currency

Iranian authorities have opened a Foreign Exchange Centre in an attempt to control the continued fall of the national currency against the dollar, which is now being traded at 24,750 toumans compared to almost half this rate last year. » read more

Iran institutes multiple exchange rates

The head of Iran’s parliamentary economic commission announced on Saturday that there now will be three official rates of exchange for the U.S. dollar. » read more

Parliament mulls end to its foreign exchange for travellers

Iranian Parliament is reviewing a plan to stop providing foreign currency to travellers at the official bank rate, the Mehr News Agency reports. » read more

Iran's Central Bank tries to stop rising exchange rates

The Iranian Central Bank is allowing private and public banks to sell foreign currency in an attempt to control the falling rial. » read more