Friday, September 20, 2019 02:02


Subversive Facebook page wins women’s rights prize

The Geneva Summit for Democracy and Human Rights announced on Monday that Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, creator of the My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page, is the recipient of its Women’s Rights Prize for 2015. » read more

Facebook users charged for alleged threat to “Iranian lifestyle”

A group of Facebook users has been arrested for the charge of “spreading corruption and degeneration of the Iranian lifestyle” » read more

Iranian Government Spying in Social Networking Sites

This is a field report about the indifference of internet users to the Islamic republic regime’s spying efforts in cyber space as it tries to identify those who are against the regime or certain policies.The only immunity for these users comes from their overwhelming multitudes and the undeniable prevalence of opposition to the regime. Despite this immunity, they have to possess a certain civic courage and regard the freedom to use the internet as a right, while paying attention to certain security details and maintaining awareness of human predators active in various government bodies. » read more

Facebook users call for mercy in appeals court

The lawyer for a number of Facebook users who were arrested by Iranian authorities for their cyber activities reported on Monday September 29 that his clients have “accepted some of their mistakes and expressed remorse” in the appeals court. » read more

Appeal date set for Facebook users facing prison

The appeal hearing for eight Iranian Facebook users sentenced to heavy prison terms will take place on September 28 in a Revolutionary Court in Tehran. » read more

Facebook activities draw harsh prison sentences

Eight people have been handed heavy prison sentences for their activities on Facebook. The charges against them range from “assembly and collusion against national security” and “anti-regime activity” to “insulting sanctities and government officials.” » read more

Prosecutor’s office stresses Facebook ban amid reports of free access

The deputy Prosecutor General of Iran announced that no officials anywhere in Iran have the authority to stop the filtering of Facebook as deemed necessary by the state body responsible for determining permissible activity on the internet. » read more

Culture minister muses about looser internet restrictions

The Iranian minister of culture and guidance says 4 million Iranian internet users are on Facebook and it is not practical for the government to persist in imposing restrictions on access to the social media site. » read more

Religious leader calls on establishment to use social media

The head of the Qom Islamic Promotion Organization says the Islamic Republic establishment should work on creating a significant presence on social networking sites.“ » read more

City councillor says she lost post over Facebook account

Behshahr city councillor Azamolsadat Hosseini announced that she has been dismissed from her position as spokesperson for the council for having a Facebook account. » read more