Tuesday, September 17, 2019 06:35

Ezzatollah Sahabi

Formerly banned magazine revived after 14 years

The monthly magazine Iran Farda, which is aligned with Nationalist-Religious groups in Iran, has resumed publication for the first time in 14 years. » read more

Forces shut down Sahabi memorial service

Iranian security forces prevented today’s memorial service for Ezzatollah Sahabi from taking place. » read more

Haleh Sahabi dies in scuffle at father’s funeral

Haleh Sahabi, the daughter of Iranian dissident Ezzatollah Sahabi died from a heart attack after security forces descended upon her father’s funeral.

Mizan website, the news outlet associated with the Nationalist-religious Coalition wrote: “A security official tried to grab a photo of Mr. Sahabi that Haleh Sahabi was pressing against her chest. The force of his action and her resistance caused her to fall, and then she did not rise.” » read more

Longtime Iranian politician Sahabi dies at 81

Ezzatollah Sahabi, the head of Iran’s Nationalist-Religious Coalition, died this morning at the age of 81 in Moddares hospital in Tehran. » read more