Saturday, August 24, 2019 10:33


Saddam Hussein noose going up for auction

The noose used to hang Saddam Hussein in 2006 is being auctioned as a piece of art. It is currently in the possession of former Iraqi official Movafagh Al-Rabi'i, who has put the noose around a bronze bust of Hussein and exhibits it in his home. » read more

Iranian official blames Western media for woman’s execution

Iranian Human Rights Commissioner Mohammad Javad Larijani named Western media campaigns as one of the chief reasons that the Iranian judiciary failed to obtain consent from the family of the victim in the Reyhaneh Jabbari case. » read more

Mazandaran execution delayed by protests

The execution of a man in Mazandaran Province was cancelled as a result of protests by his family and friends at the scene of execution. » read more

Former CEO hanged as chief suspect in massive fraud

IRNA reports that MahAfarid Khosravi, the chief suspect in the $3-billion bank fraud dubbed the “Great Embezzlement”, was hanged on Saturday morning at Evin Prison. » read more

Sanandaj forces arrest brother of executed prisoner, two others

Ezzat Golparipour, the brother of executed political prisoner Habibollah Golparipour, has been arrested by Sanandaj Security Forces along with two of their family acquaintances. » read more

Protester arrested in Marivon released on bail

Varia Tasseh, a protester who was arrested in Marivon earlier this week during demonstrations against the execution of political prisoners, has been released on bail. » read more

Rohani’s aide slams execution of Kurdish reformists

The president's special aide for ethnic and religious minority affairs, Ali Younesi, expressed disappointment and concern regarding the recent executions in Kurdistan. » read more

Marivon residents protest Kurdish prisoners’ executions

A group of citizens in Marivon staged demonstrations on Tuesday November 6, 2013 to protest the recent executions of Kurdish political prisoners. » read more

Political prisoner’s execution part of a recent surge

Iranian political prisoner Shirkouh Moarefi was executed on Monday November 4 at Saghez Prison. » read more

Attack on border officials prompts multiple executions

Sixteen prisoners on death row in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan were executed today in response to an attack carried out on Saravan border officials, judiciary officials announced. » read more