Sunday, August 25, 2019 02:34


Satellite companies drop Iranian channels

The European satellite communications company Intelset has stopped airing the Iranian government’s foreign channels such as Press TV, Hispan and a number of others. Iran has challenged the move and threatened legal action. » read more

Sanctions cause problems for Iranian channels

The Spanish satellite company Hispasat has stopped airing Press TV and Hispan TV as of Friday December 21 and ordered Overon, another satellite company, to follow suit. » read more

Russia steps in to broadcast Iranian channels

Russia has taken over broadcasting the Islamic Republic’s satellite programs after the European company Eutelset stopped dealing with the Iranian government due to the EU sanctions against Iran. » read more

Iran slams cutting of satellite networks

Iran’s national broadcaster, Seda va Sima, has condemned Eutelset’s decision to cut off Iran’s satellite programs, describing the move as “illegal, immoral and unprofessional.” » read more