Thursday, September 19, 2019 05:42

EU sanctions

French companies renew interest in Iranian business

In anticipation of relaxed international sanctions on Iran, a delegation of top French companies are to visit Iran next month. » read more

EU court strikes down sanctions on Iranian banks

An EU court has ruled the sanctions against Iran’s Saderat Bank are null and void. The court had also ruled that sanctions against Mellat Bank, another Iranian Bank, were also unjustified. » read more

Iranian oil company, power minister sanctioned by EU

New EU sanctions against Iran reportedly include a sanction against the National Iranian Oil Company, the National Iranian Oil Shipping Company and Iranian Minister of Power Majid Namjoo. » read more

EU passes new sanctions against Iran

The European Union passed more sanctions against Iran today, Monday, at a meeting of foreign ministers in Luxembourg. » read more

EU gas boycott immaterial: Iran

Iran’s Oil Ministry has dismissed EU rumblings about boycotting Iranian gas, saying it does not export any gas to European Union countries and the reports are publicity stunts. » read more

EU looks at banning Iranian gas

The European Union is considering a plan to boycott Iranian gas imports in another move to arrest Iran’s nuclear program. » read more

EU wants more sanctions on Iran

Britain, France and Germany have called for a new round of sanctions on Iran in connection with the country’s nuclear program. » read more

Iranian bank directors removed from EU blacklist

The European Union has removed five Iranian bank directors from its blacklist after these individuals filed a suit to challenge the EU decision to put them under sanctions. » read more

Oil prices on the rise with EU oil embargo

The price of oil in Asian markets rose two days after the EU oil embargo took effect, bringing the price above $84 a barrel. » read more

Oil minister rallies staff to confront sanctions

As EU oil embargo against Iran took effect today, Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Ghassemi issued a directive “mobilizing all managers and employees of the oil ministry” to confront these sanctions. » read more