Monday, September 16, 2019 04:30

ethnic minorities in Iran

Rohani adviser touts intentions to teach minority dialects

Hassan Rohani’s adviser on ethnic and religious minority affairs says the many languages in Iran are like branches of the Academy of Persian Language, stressing that the Rohani administration is determined to have Iran’s local languages and literatures taught in the country’s schools and universities. » read more

Rohani administration puts minority language education on agenda

The Iranian president’s special aide for ethnic and religious minorities’ affairs has announced that the education of ethnic minorities in their mother tongue is on the government’s agenda. » read more

Rights group calls on Iran to spare condemned Arab activists

Amnesty International is urging Iran to end human rights violations against Arab minorities in Iran. » read more

Iranian administration promises to appoint minorities to key posts

The Iranian president’s religious and ethnic minority representative said on Sunday December 22 that the administration is working toward appointing ethnic and religious minorities to key posts. » read more

Groups decry death sentences for ethnic prisoners

Three human rights organizations have issued statements calling for the immediate withdrawal of death sentences for prisoners of conscience in Iran and specifically protested against the imminent execution of five detained Iranian-Arab activists and two Iranian-Kurdish prisoners. » read more