Wednesday, August 21, 2019 04:49

Environmental issues

Environmentalist raises alarm over response to Fars fires

Fires at Bamo Park near Shiraz have destroyed a large portion of the bird life there, environmental activist Ali Akbar Kazemini told the Mehr News agency. » read more

Forest Fires on the Rise in Iran

With summer well underway, Iranian forests and ranges have fallen prey to blazing fires; fires that in many areas are attributed to the heavy heat but elsewhere can only be linked to negligence and even willful arson aimed at turning trees into ashes. Hundreds of acres of forests have burned down in a short period of time in Fars, Tehran, Golestan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Lorestan and Kerman Provinces. » read more

Drying lake a hazard to flamingos

Many flamingos have fallen victim to the drying up of Bakhtegan Lake in Fars Province, Iran Environment Watch reports. » read more

Groups advise Rohani on cultural, environmental leaders

Sixty organizations active in the fields of cultural heritage and the environment have written a letter to president-elect Hassan Rohani with recommendations for leadership of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism and Environmental Protection Organizations. » read more

Recent government projects: election advertising or environmental threats?

The Iranian government has proposed new projects such as building infrastructure in Shahrood’s Abr Forest and opening up oil development in Kavir National Park by issuing exploration permits, and the government’s national development plan promises to donate 2,000 square metres of public land to Iranian families. However, each of these announcements has triggered waves of criticism against the government’s choices. Some critics have described the news as mere propaganda in view of the approaching election, but others are concerned that implementing such projects could do lasting harm to the country’s environment. » read more

Environmental official warns of rising cancer incidence

Massomeh Ebtekar, the head of the Tehran Environmental Committee, announced that patients are being diagnosed with cancer at a younger age. » read more

Iraq to help solve dust problem

The deputy head of Iran’s Environment Organization announced that the president of Iraq has committed to greater cooperation to resolve the problem of dust particles. » read more

Azerbaijan slammed for Caspian Sea pollution

The Iran Environment Organization says Azerbaijan, Iran’s northern neighbor, is not showing adequate concern regarding preservation of Caspian Sea. » read more

Parliament to pass bill on dust particles

The Iran Environment Organization announced that it is preparing a proposal for Parliament to deal with the problem of dust particles in Iranian cities. » read more

Activists protest in support of Abr Forest

Iranian environmental activists have demonstrated in protest against the construction of a road through Abr Forest. » read more