Saturday, August 24, 2019 01:20

Environmental issues

Drying wetlands in 40 regions contributing to air pollution

The head of biodiversity for the Department of the Environment reports that 40 wetland areas in Iran have partially or completely dried out. » read more

Ahwaz citizens form third chain to protest river diversion

Protesters formed a human chain on the banks of the Karoon River yesterday, November 1, in their third such demonstration against the transfer of water from the river. » read more

Tehran air quality critical for one third of last year

The head of the Tehran Department of the Environment has announced that the city’s daily air quality was at critical levels due to suspended particles for one third of last year. » read more

Environment official raises alarm over vanishing swamps

Iran’s Department of the Environment has announced that 30 to 40 percent of swamps in the country have disappeared. » read more

Minister warns against finger-pointing in efforts to save lake

Iranian Minister of Power Hamid Chitchian told a meeting for the rescue of Lake Oroumiyeh today that the correct approach is not to point fingers at perpetrators of the crisis but rather to find solutions.“ » read more

Environment official tries to halt sale of “ecological” park

The head of Iran’s Environment Department has written to the vice president to call for a halt to the proposed sale of Pardisan Park. » read more

Industrial pollution in Arak inspires yet another protest

Protests were held today in the city of Arak, with citizens demanding that authorities take immediate to reduce environmental pollution. » read more

Human-chain protest brings halt to mining activities

Over the past two days, hundreds of mountain climbers and environmental activists from across Iran have gathered in Kerman to create a human chain around Kouhshah (Mount King) in an effort to halt mining activities in the mountainous region. » read more

Pollution protests in Zanjan lead to closure of metals factory

Citizens of Zanjan have succeeded in their protest against the pollution caused by a lead and zinc factory, with the provincial authorities announcing its closure. The announcement concludes that the shutdown order was issued following the residents’ demands to transfer the factory’s work. » read more

Desertification in Esfahan Province brings pollution problems

Quemars Kalantari, the head of Esfahan Province, announced that the evaporation of the Gavekhoni Lagoon has turned the area into “a source of dust particles and air pollution in the province.” » read more