Thursday, August 22, 2019 02:36

Environmental issues

Environment Dept. says dangerous gasoline eliminated

Iran’s Head of Department of the Environment has announced that gasoline produced by petrochemical plants have been completely banned across the country. » read more

Poachers set fire to environmental station

A number of poachers attacked an environmental monitoring station in Qomishloo National Park with Molotov cocktail bombs and set it on fire. » read more

Water supply reduced for agriculture sector

Iran’s Ministry of Agriculture has announced that beginning in October of this year, the water allotted to agricultural developments will be reduced by almost 50 percent in accordance with a proposal by the Department of Environment. ISNA reports that according to top ministry official Mohammad Hossein Shariatmadar, the plan is meant to counter the country’s critical water shortage. » read more

Officials intensify hunting ban enforcement

Iran’s Department of the Environment has announced that due to the critical state of endangered wildlife in Iran, the ban on hunting is now being very strictly enforced. » read more

Who is failing Iran's forests, Environment Department or Parliament?

This spring flames of fire soared higher than ever in the forests and rangeland of Iran. Golestan National Park caught fire a number of times burning down or severely damaging over 1000 hectares of the trees. The situation begs the question who is responsible for putting out and preventing these raging flames? » read more

Iran tears down illegal projects in national parks

Iran’s Department of the Environment has once again had to demolish illegal building projects in one of the country’s national parks.

The Mehr News Agency reported on August 5 that construction activities contrary to environmental regulations were halted in Khojir National Park and the buildings have been demolished. The matter has reportedly been referred to the judiciary for further investigation. » read more

Dead fish by the thousands found in rivers

Thousand of fish have been found floating dead in rivers in Gilan and Ardebil Provinces. Eyewitnesses report that they observed the sudden appearance of thousands of dead fish on the Nokandeh River in Rezvanshahr. » read more

Factories run off-hours to skirt environmental scrutiny

Many high-polluting industrial businesses have been working night shifts to get around environmental standards set by the Department of the Environment.

The head of the Iranian Centre for Climate and Weather says such businesses have been on the Environment Department’s blacklist for a long time for trying to avoid scrutiny by operating on national holidays and night shifts. » read more

Environment chief stresses urgent need for sustainability

Iran's top environmental official says the country follows the worst possible model for consuming water and energy. IRNA reports that Massoumeh Ebtekar said on his trip to Kurdistan: “Our models for the exploitation of natural resources have been wrong all these years. We must base all our plans on capacity and sustainability.” » read more

Pollution puts Anzali Lagoon on blacklist

Anzali Lagoon is now on the Ramsar Environmental Blacklist due to the increase in the amount of industrial, agricultural and household waste present in the body of water, says the Gilan Department of the Environment. » read more