Tuesday, September 17, 2019 12:35

Environmental issues

Dust particle budget at centre of high-level political fight

The dust storm crisis in Iran has led to a serious dispute between the administration and Parliament, as the Department of the Environment is now accusing Parliament of refusing to assist the administration, adding that the legislative body has even gone ahead and eliminated the budget allotted to fighting the problem of dust particles, which paralyzed numerous cities in Khuzestan in recent weeks. » read more

ust storm problem spreads to Bushehr

The latest reports from Khuzestan indicate that dust particles have now reached Bushehr Province, causing some flight cancellations. Residents of Abadan and Ahwaz protested once again in front of government offices, demanding swift and effective action to improve air quality, and the Red Crescent announced that it is on emergency alert in Khuzestan as dust storms persist in the region. » read more

Activists call for protection of Tehran gardens

A group of protesters gathered in front of Tehran City Hall to protest the destruction of Tehran’s gardens and orchards. The group called on the mayor to explain why no money has been budgeted for the coming year to protect gardens and orchards in the capital. » read more

Iran asks UN for help with increasingly arid climate

The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment says forecasts indicate that dry weather and a lack of precipitation in Iran will increase elevenfold by 2050. » read more

University students to require environmental credits

Under a new letter of understanding between the Ministry of Science and the Department of the Environment, all university majors will have to take four credits in environmental studies. The credits also need to be fulfilled by graduate students. » read more

Renewed pipeline work called serious threat to forest

Environmental activists in Fars Province say the integrity of the Dena Forest is threatened by the resumption of gas pipeline construction in the region. » read more

New fair awards prizes for environmental books

Iran's first Annual Environmental Book Fair opened on Sunday November 16 in Tehran with a goal of promoting and honouring writers, translators and publishers who are active in this field. » read more

Food containers from mourning ceremonies pose pollution problem

Iran’s Department of the Environment and the Municipality of Tehran have expressed concern regarding the overt use of disposable containers by local mourning organizations during the Shia ceremonies of Ashura. » read more

New Hope for Vali Asr Cedars

After decades of decline the tall old cedars lining Vali Asr Avenue, the main artery of the Iranian capital, have become the focus of a city revitalization project.

Ali Mohammad Mokhtari, CEO of Parks and Green Spaces of the City of Tehran announced the approval of a project to replenish the remaining old cedars on Vali Asr Avenue as well as to plant new ones to replace the many trees that have fallen and died in the past decades.  » read more

Protesters question safety of nuclear plant project

A number of residents in the area surrounding the Bushehr Nuclear Plant in Khuzestan Province staged a protest against the latest project being implemented in the plant and the lack of adequate concern about the environmental impact of the plant’s activities. » read more