Wednesday, August 21, 2019 11:54


New election law to undergo 10-year trial period

Iran’s Expediency Council reports that the new election legislation is almost completed and will be implemented for 10 years on a trial basis. » read more

Minister warns of illegal drug profits financing election campaigns

Iran’s Interior Minister says “dirty money from drug trafficking” in Iran now amounts to 10 trillion toumans a year, some of which has been finding its way into “elections and the securing of votes” to influence the country’s politics. » read more

Imam emphasizes loyalty in electing Assembly of Experts

Tehran’s Friday Mass Imam this week told worshippers that the members of the Assembly of Experts must be “saturated with obedience to the Supreme Leader”. » read more

President-elect says all must bow to voters’ wishes

Iran’s president-elect Hassan Rohani says the majority of Iranians voted for “moderation, reason, collective wisdom, moving along expert paths and refraining from extremism and arbitrariness”, and the future administration will work within this framework. » read more

Guardian Council finalizes election result

Iran’s Guardian Council has put its seal of approval on the presidential election, finalizing the legitimacy of Hassan Rohani’s victory. » read more

Tehran municipal election winners announced

The new list of Tehran City council members was announced on Monday, three days after the municipal elections were concluded on Friday. » read more

Gold, currency market affected by elections

Price of gold and the dollar drops as the election results point toward the possible victory of the moderate candidate Hassan Rohani. » read more

Reformist prisoners cast votes in jail

According to ISNA, the head of Tehran prisons says that Mostafa Tajzadeh, a prominent jailed reformist figure, has cast his ballot in Evin Prison. » read more

Voting begins in Iranian elections

Election centres opened their doors at 8 AM local time on Friday June 14 for the presidential and municipal elections. » read more

Single candidate chosen to represent reformists

The top reformist group Executives Party has announced that reformists have chosen Hassan Rohani to represent the reformist coalition in the presidential election. » read more