Friday, July 19, 2019 03:39

dust storms

Rain in Sistan Baluchistan brings respite from dust storms

The dust storms that had  plagued the people of Sistan Baluchistan since Friday have finally subsided to the arrival of the rain yesterday. The severe winds had brought the level of dust in Zahedan and other cities to 25 percent above acceptable levels. » read more

Dust problem escalates in Ahwaz, other cities

The concentration of dust particles in Ahwaz air has reached its highest levels in recent days, forcing people to stay home and avoid the streets. Following school closures, 11 Khuzestan cities have now closed all government offices as well. » read more

Iran points to foreign cause of dust storm problems

Iran says the destruction of Mesopotamian wetlands is a major cause of sand and dust storms in Iran. Iranian officials dealing with that country’s growing problem with dust storms say Turkish control over the Tigris and Euphrates has led to the destruction of 90 percent of Iraqi wetlands, which in turn has caused dust storms to blow into Iran. » read more

Storms deal savage, fatal blows to Tehran Province

Heavy storms ravaged Tehran Province on Monday June 2, claiming a number of casualties, and so far the winds have not died down. » read more

Iran’s dust problem: potential causes and strategies

Iranian officials have expressed hope that residents of the country’s western provinces will have fewer problems with dust particles this year due to the heavy precipitation anticipated in Iraq. The observed environmental changes in Iran and neighbouring countries reduce the possibility of such optimism and appear to indicate that in the coming year and for at least a number of years to come, this unpleasant phenomenon will remain a part of people’s lives in many regions of Iran. » read more

Schools, offices close in Zabol due to pollution

Air pollution and a high volume of dust particles have led to the closure of schools and government offices in Zabol. » read more

Desertification in Esfahan Province brings pollution problems

Quemars Kalantari, the head of Esfahan Province, announced that the evaporation of the Gavekhoni Lagoon has turned the area into “a source of dust particles and air pollution in the province.” » read more

Iraq to help solve dust problem

The deputy head of Iran’s Environment Organization announced that the president of Iraq has committed to greater cooperation to resolve the problem of dust particles. » read more

Parliament to pass bill on dust particles

The Iran Environment Organization announced that it is preparing a proposal for Parliament to deal with the problem of dust particles in Iranian cities. » read more

Iran criticizes Iraq for inaction about dust storms

Iran’s Environment Organization says a number of Arab countries are “critical centres of producing dust particles.” » read more