Monday, September 16, 2019 04:33

dust particles

Dust particle budget at centre of high-level political fight

The dust storm crisis in Iran has led to a serious dispute between the administration and Parliament, as the Department of the Environment is now accusing Parliament of refusing to assist the administration, adding that the legislative body has even gone ahead and eliminated the budget allotted to fighting the problem of dust particles, which paralyzed numerous cities in Khuzestan in recent weeks. » read more

ust storm problem spreads to Bushehr

The latest reports from Khuzestan indicate that dust particles have now reached Bushehr Province, causing some flight cancellations. Residents of Abadan and Ahwaz protested once again in front of government offices, demanding swift and effective action to improve air quality, and the Red Crescent announced that it is on emergency alert in Khuzestan as dust storms persist in the region. » read more

Anger in Ahwaz over government inaction on dust pollution

Ahwaz residents took to the streets on Friday January 30 to protest the lack of any effective government action to combat the previous day’s dust storm, which pushed the concentration of air particles to more than 66 times the acceptable level. » read more

Airborne dust forces flight cancellations in Khuzestan

Flights from Abadan and Ahwaz in southwestern Iran have been cancelled due to poor visibility caused by increased dust in the air. » read more

Iran’s dust problem: potential causes and strategies

Iranian officials have expressed hope that residents of the country’s western provinces will have fewer problems with dust particles this year due to the heavy precipitation anticipated in Iraq. The observed environmental changes in Iran and neighbouring countries reduce the possibility of such optimism and appear to indicate that in the coming year and for at least a number of years to come, this unpleasant phenomenon will remain a part of people’s lives in many regions of Iran. » read more

Desertification in Esfahan Province brings pollution problems

Quemars Kalantari, the head of Esfahan Province, announced that the evaporation of the Gavekhoni Lagoon has turned the area into “a source of dust particles and air pollution in the province.” » read more