Sunday, August 18, 2019 11:18

drying out

Iran asks UN for help with increasingly arid climate

The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment says forecasts indicate that dry weather and a lack of precipitation in Iran will increase elevenfold by 2050. » read more

Iran approves heavy budget to save drying lake

Iran’s administration approved on Sunday November 3 the plans developed by the task force to save the rapidly drying Lake Urmia, including a budget of about 7.3 trillion rials. » read more

Spreading Decline of Zagros Oak Forests

Decline and destruction of Zagros oak forests has been accelerating at a rapid pace in the past five years and despite many warnings, no solution has been so far implemented to protect these highly valuable natural resources. While numerous meetings and seminars at taking place on this issue, an unknown pestilence is progreesively drying out the entire oak forests of Zagros. » read more

Iran points to foreign cause of dust storm problems

Iran says the destruction of Mesopotamian wetlands is a major cause of sand and dust storms in Iran. Iranian officials dealing with that country’s growing problem with dust storms say Turkish control over the Tigris and Euphrates has led to the destruction of 90 percent of Iraqi wetlands, which in turn has caused dust storms to blow into Iran. » read more

Iran’s dust problem: potential causes and strategies

Iranian officials have expressed hope that residents of the country’s western provinces will have fewer problems with dust particles this year due to the heavy precipitation anticipated in Iraq. The observed environmental changes in Iran and neighbouring countries reduce the possibility of such optimism and appear to indicate that in the coming year and for at least a number of years to come, this unpleasant phenomenon will remain a part of people’s lives in many regions of Iran. » read more

Parliament website declares critical state of wetlands

The website of Iran’s Parliament has published a report describing the critical situation of the country’s wetlands. » read more

Environment official reveals lake drying at severe level

Hassan Abbasnejad, the head of the Western Azerbaijan Province environment department, announced that the water levels in Lake Oroumiyeh have fallen by 40 percent. » read more

Drying wetlands in 40 regions contributing to air pollution

The head of biodiversity for the Department of the Environment reports that 40 wetland areas in Iran have partially or completely dried out. » read more

Environment official raises alarm over vanishing swamps

Iran’s Department of the Environment has announced that 30 to 40 percent of swamps in the country have disappeared. » read more