Sunday, May 19, 2019 08:13

drug trafficking

Minister criticized for saying drug money used in elections

Iran's interior minister has been accused of :disturbing public minds" by a member of the parliament's National Security Commission because the minister said this weekend that "dirty money" from drug trafficking has found its way into funding election campaigns. » read more

Minister warns of illegal drug profits financing election campaigns

Iran’s Interior Minister says “dirty money from drug trafficking” in Iran now amounts to 10 trillion toumans a year, some of which has been finding its way into “elections and the securing of votes” to influence the country’s politics. » read more

Airport dogs detect hidden drug shipment

The head of Iran’s Airport Police announced that 120 kg of opium headed for London was sniffed out by their dogs. The Mehr News Agency reports that on Sunday August 17, Hassan Mehri told reporters that the opium shipment was found by their dogs during a routine patrol of shipments at Imam Khomeini Airport. » read more

Police chief killed in armed conflict in Iranshahr

The narcotics police chief of Iranshahr was killed on Wednesday February 26 in the course of an armed conflict. » read more

Families hold third sit-in for condemned drug offenders

A group of families of convicts sentenced to death for drug offences staged its third sit-in in front of Iranian Parliament today, Sunday September 1. » read more

Iranian drug statistics at all-time high

Iranian police statistics reveal that 652 new drug-related cases are created every day and 30 people are arrested every hour on drug-related charges. » read more

Ten people executed for drug offences

Iranian authorities executed 10 individuals for drug offences on Monday morning, with the Mehr News Agency reporting that they were “members of two large drug r » read more

Halt aid to Iran’s anti-drug efforts: rights groups

Two international human rights groups have called for an end to international monetary and technical assistance to Iran’s anti-drug campaign, which they claim is the cause of the rising number of executions in Iran. » read more