Wednesday, August 21, 2019 06:51

Department of Environment

Firearms training planned for Iranian forest rangers

More than 1,000 Iranian forest rangers are to receive special training in the use of firearms in a program developed by the Department of Environment and the police force. » read more

Controversy swirls around tourists hunting rare birds

Iran’s Department of the Environment denies having issued any hunting permits for rare birds to tourists from Arab countries. Ahmad Ali Keykha, the department deputy head, said on Monday January 26 that the organization has never issued any permits for foreign nationals to hunt rare birds in Iran. » read more

Environment Department seeks to gauge impact of war games

Iran's Department of Environment says military manoeuvers can have significant environmental effects and it has called for the right to consult and attend during manoeuvers in order to assess their environmental impact. » read more

Department warns of cancer risk from broadcast-jamming waves

Iran’s Department of the Environment says all interference waves could potentially cause cancer and it recommends the complete elimination of these waves. » read more

Who is failing Iran's forests, Environment Department or Parliament?

This spring flames of fire soared higher than ever in the forests and rangeland of Iran. Golestan National Park caught fire a number of times burning down or severely damaging over 1000 hectares of the trees. The situation begs the question who is responsible for putting out and preventing these raging flames? » read more

Another rare deer killed under protection

An unknown assailant has shot and killed a rare yellow deer being kept in the Khoramabad Zoo. The head of Iran’s Environment and Wildlife Watch reported on August 24 that the deer died from a shot to its shoulder despite efforts by zoo officials to save it. » read more

Iran’s environment department halts hotel development

A court order requested by Iran’s Department of the Environment has halted a large hotel development in Arina on the banks of the Jajroud River in Tehran Province. » read more

Iran’s petrochemical gasoline linked to cancer

Iran’s Department of the Environment has published a report confirming gasoline produced at petrochemical refineries “causes cancer.” » read more

Kurdistan Province employees protest unpaid wages

A group of employees at the Environmental Protection Office of Kurdistan Province have staged protests against “unfair wages and benefits.” » read more

Poachers caught, punished for killing rare deer

Five deer in the Dasht-e Qanat region of Bordsir in Kerman province were killed by poachers this spring. » read more