Friday, September 20, 2019 05:28

cyber police

Iranian Government Spying in Social Networking Sites

This is a field report about the indifference of internet users to the Islamic republic regime’s spying efforts in cyber space as it tries to identify those who are against the regime or certain policies.The only immunity for these users comes from their overwhelming multitudes and the undeniable prevalence of opposition to the regime. Despite this immunity, they have to possess a certain civic courage and regard the freedom to use the internet as a right, while paying attention to certain security details and maintaining awareness of human predators active in various government bodies. » read more

Forces investigate texts insulting Republic founder

Iranian security forces have announced a breakthrough in their investigation into “insulting texts” about the leader of Iran’s Revolution and founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini. » read more

Security officer charged with manslaughter in Beheshti case

The security officer who oversaw the case of Sattar Beheshti, the detained blogger who died three days into his arrest by Cyber Police, will stand trial in April for manslaughter in a court for government staff, says the Beheshti family’s lawyer. » read more

Coroner releases autopsy findings for jailed blogger

The Iranian Coroner’s Office has announced that the results of Sattar Beheshti’s autopsy have been finalized, classifying the cause of death as “death due to psychological pressure.” » read more

Dead blogger’s lawyer slams officials for delays

The lawyer for Sattar Beheshti’s family claims the main perpetrator of the blogger’s death is an interrogations officer at the Ministry of Intelligence and she criticized the judiciary for delaying the proceedings. » read more

Iranian internet cafes face new regulations

Iran’s cyber police have imposed further restrictions on internet cafes, issuing a list of 20 new requirements that must be complied with within 15 days by all such businesses or else they will face prosecution. » read more

MP calls for apologies in Beheshti case

Ali Motahari, an Iranian conservative MP, has called on the Interior Minister and the head of the security forces to “apologize to the family of Sattar Beheshti, the people and the leader of Iran” for the blogger who died in custody a few days after his arrest by cuber police. » read more

Cyber police chief fired over blogger’s case

The head of the Tehran Cyber Police was dismissed today by the Commander of the Islamic Republic Security Forces for “shortcomings in the supervision and handling of the case” of Sattar Beheshti, the jailed blogger who died in police custody last month. » read more

Security chief weighs in on blogger’s death

The head of Iran’s Security Forces says police may be guilty of “some level of neglect” in the arrest of Sattar Beheshti but he denied there was any motive to murder the detained blogger, who died in custody earlier this month. » read more

Cyber Police chief called to resign over prison death

The member of Iran's National Security Commission leading an investigation into the death of Sattar Beheshti in prison says the head of Iran’s Cyber Police should resign. » read more