Saturday, August 17, 2019 03:06

currency market

Iranian currency tumbles further in wake of nuclear extension

The exchange rate for the dollar rose even higher in Tehran with every dollar being traded at 3,520 toumans on Sunday November 30 Mehr News Agency reports. » read more

Extended nuclear talks undermine currency confidence

The Iranian currency market has seen a steep rise in the price of the dollar, with each dollar being traded at 3,400 toumans, which is the highest it has traded in the current year. » read more

Iran's rial gains strength on news of nuclear accord

The dollar exchange rate fell once again in Iran on news that an agreement on Iran's nuclear activities was reached in Geneva between the county’s negotiating team and the world powers. » read more

Rial shows signs of recovery amid nuclear talk optimism

The dollar’s rate of exchange against the rial fell below 30,000 rials on Saturday November 9. » read more

Foreign currencies getting cheaper for Iranian traders

Iranian currency traders are noting a fall in the exchange rate for the dollar against Iran’s national currency, the rial. » read more

Central Bank chief says Iranian rial must rise no more

Valiollah Seif, the head of Iran's Central Bank, announced on Tuesday September 24 that the bank will not allow the Iranian currency to keep rising in value. » read more

Iranian currency rises in anticipation of Rohani visit to UN

Reports from Tehran indicate the Iranian currency is gaining in value following its sharp decline over the past two years. » read more

MP warns of “illegal decision” concerning Iran’s deficit

Iranian MP Ahmad Tavakoli has written to parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani to warn against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “illegal decision regarding currency exchange.” » read more

Iranian currency buoyed by Rohani victory

The dollar was trading at just under 30,000 rials today in Tehran, revealing a persistent optimism in the currency market. » read more

Iran pulls back on subsidizing import exchange rate

Iran’s Ministry of Industry announced that it will no longer allot subsidized foreign currency rates to any imports other than wheat, barley, corn and soya. » read more