Wednesday, September 18, 2019 01:11

Cultural Heritage

Iran offers safe haven for Iraq’s endangered artifacts

Iran’s Department of Cultural Heritage and Tourism has requested that any of Iraq’s historical artifacts facing harm there be loaned to Iran for safe keeping. » read more

Ancient Artifacts from Khurvin Make Long Journey Back to Iran

349 ancient Iranian artifacts have arrived in Iran from Brussels after Iran’s long dispute over their ownership was resolved by a court in Liege, Belgium and the items were declared to be the property of Iran. » read more

Groups advise Rohani on cultural, environmental leaders

Sixty organizations active in the fields of cultural heritage and the environment have written a letter to president-elect Hassan Rohani with recommendations for leadership of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism and Environmental Protection Organizations. » read more

Former Yazd officials sound alarm over demolitions

Former senior officials of the historic city of Yazd have called for a halt to unregulated construction projects in the city, which they claim are threatening the city’s historic buildings. » read more

Palace ruins found in western Iran

Iranian archeologists have discovered the ancient ruins of a Sassanid palace in the western province of Lorestan. » read more